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Session 2.1
3. Press the Enter key until the insertion point is positioned about two inches from the
top of the page. (Remember that you can see the exact position of the insertion point,
in inches, in the status bar.)
4. Type the name of the current month. (If an AutoComplete suggestion appears,
accept it to complete the name of the month.) Press the spacebar. After you press
the spacebar, an AutoComplete suggestion appears with the current date. Accept
the suggestion.
5. Press the Enter key four times after the date, and, using the proper business letter format,
type the inside address: “Joseph Robbins, 5788 Rugby Road, Hillsborough, CO 77332”.
6. Double space after the inside address (that is, press the Enter key twice), type the
salutation “Dear Joseph:”, and then double space again.
7. Write one paragraph introducing the HigherEdVest program, explaining that you
think the client might be interested, and asking him to call your office at 555-5555
for more details.
8. Insert a blank line and type the complimentary closing “Sincerely,”.
9. Press the Enter key four times to leave room for the signature, and then type your
name and title.
10. Save the letter as HigherEdVest Letter in the Tutorial.01\Cases folder provided with
your Data Files.
11. Remove any Smart Tags. Reread your letter carefully, and correct any errors. Use the
arrow keys to move the insertion point, as necessary.
12. Save any new changes, and then preview and print the letter.
13. Create an envelope for the letter. Click the Omit check box if necessary to deselect it,
and then, for the return address, type your own address. Add the envelope to the doc-
ument. If you are asked if you want to save the return address as the new default
return address, click No. If your computer is connected to a printer that is stocked
with envelopes, click File on the menu bar, click Print, click the Pages option button,
type 1 in the Pages text box, and then click OK.
14. Save your work, and then close the document.
Case Problem 3
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Boundary Waters Technical College Liza Morgan, professor of e-commerce at
Boundary Waters Technical College in northern Minnesota, was recently honored by the
Northern Business Council for her series of free public seminars on developing
Web sites for nonprofit agencies. She also was recently named Teacher of the Year by
a national organization called Women in Technology. As one of her former students,
you decide to write a letter congratulating her on these honors. To create the letter,
complete the following steps:
Use your skills to create
the congratulatory letter
shown in Figure 1-30.
1. Open a new blank document if one is not already open, and then check your screen
to make sure your settings match those in Figure 1-8.
2. Create the letter shown in Figure 1-30. Replace “Your Name” with your first and
last name.
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