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Tutorial 2
Tutorial 2
Editing and Formatting a Document
Preparing an FAQ Document
Long Meadow Gardens
Marilee Brigham is the owner of Long Meadow Gardens, a landscape and gardening supply company. The firm’s
large nursery provides shrubs and trees to professional landscape contractors throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul
area. At the same time, Long Meadow Gardens’ retail store caters to home gardeners, who often call the store
with questions about planting and caring for their purchases.
Marilee has noticed that retail customers tend to ask the same set of questions. To save time, she would like to
create a series of handouts designed to answer these common questions. (Such a document is sometimes known
as an FAQ—which is short for “frequently asked questions.”) The company’s chief horticulturist, Peter Chi, has just
finished creating an FAQ containing information on planting trees. Now that Marilee has commented on and cor-
rected the draft, Peter asks you to make the necessary changes and print the document.
In this tutorial, you will edit the FAQ document according to Marilee’s comments. You’ll also change the overall
look of the document by changing margins and line spacing, indenting and justifying paragraphs, and copying for-
matting from one paragraph to another. You’ll use various formatting techniques to enhance and draw attention to
specific parts of the document. Finally, before you print the FAQ document, you will add a comment, and look up
information using the Research task pane.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Check grammar
• Check spelling
• Check spelling and
grammar as you type
• Collect and paste using
the clipboard task pane
• Copy and paste text
• Cut and paste text
• Cut text
• Delete selected text from
a document
Session 2.1
• Check spelling and
• Select and delete text
• Move text within the
• Find and replace text
• Find and replace text
• Move text
• Open a document
• Select a line
• Select nonadjacent text
• Select text
• Set default dictionary
• Use Save As
• Use the Paste Options
Session 2.2
• Change margins, line
spacing, alignment, and
paragraph indents
• Copy formatting with
the Format Painter
• Change fonts and adjust
font sizes
• Emphasize points with
bullets, numbering, bold,
underlining, and italics
• Preview formatted text
• Add a comment to a
• Use the Research
task pane
• Add bullets
• Add numbering
• Add picture bullets
to a list
• Adjust line spacing
• Bold text
• Center a paragraph
• Change font
• Change font size
• Change the page
• Create a hanging indent
• Delete comments
• Edit a comment
• First-line indent para-
• Indent paragraphs
• Insert comments
• Italicize text
• Justify a paragraph
• Modify page margins
• Print documents
• Right-align a paragraph
• Underline a word
• Use Format Painter
• Use print preview
• Use the Research
task pane
Student Data Files
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page WD 2.
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