Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.1
Figure 2-2
Open dialog box
click here to
specify drive
click to display the
Open dialog box
you might see “Open” here
instead of “More”
3. Click the Look in list arrow, and then navigate to the Tutorial.02 folder included with your
Data Files.
4. Double-click the Tutorial.02 folder, and then double-click the Tutorial folder.
5. Click FAQ to select the file, if necessary.
Trouble? If you see “FAQ.doc” in the folder, Windows is configured to display file exten-
sions. Click FAQ.doc and continue with Step 6. If you can’t find the file with or without the
file extension, make sure you’re looking in the Tutorial subfolder within the Tutorial.02
folder included with your Data Files, and check to make sure the Files of type text box dis-
plays All Word Documents or All Files. If you still can’t locate the file, ask your instructor or
technical support person for help.
6. Click the Open button. The document opens with the insertion point at the beginning of
the document. Notice that the document consists of a series of questions and answers.
7. Verify that the document is displayed in Normal view, and then scroll down until you can
see the question “Is mulch necessary?” Notice the dotted line in the middle of the preced-
ing paragraph. This line shows where Word has inserted a page break, dividing the docu-
ment into two pages. See Figure 2-3. Word automatically inserts a page break (called an
automatic page break ) whenever your text fills up all the available lines on a page. In
Normal view, a page break is represented by the dotted line shown in Figure 2-3. In some
views, page breaks are not visible at all.
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