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Session 2.1
Deleting Text
When editing a document, you frequently need to delete text. You already have experience
using the Backspace and Delete keys to delete a few characters. To delete an entire word or
multiple words, you select the text. After you select the text, you can either replace it with
something else by typing over it, or delete it by pressing the Delete key. You need to delete
the word “Too” and replace it with “Two,” so you’ll use the first method now.
To replace “Too” with “Two”:
1. Press Ctrl+End . The insertion point moves to the end of the document.
2. Press and hold the Ctrl key while you press the key three times. The insertion point is
now positioned at the beginning of the paragraph that begins “You should definitely add
some mulch.” (The status bar indicates that this is line 5 of page 2.)
3. In the second line of the paragraph, double-click the word Too (in the phrase “Too or three
inches”). The entire word is highlighted.
4. Type Two . The selected word is replaced with the correction. The sentence now correctly
reads: “Two or three inches are all you need.”
Next, Marilee wants you to delete the phrase “or problems” and the word “any” in the
paragraph before the one you’ve just corrected. Peter explains that you can do this quickly
by selecting multiple items and then pressing Delete. As you’ll see in the following steps,
selecting parts of a document by clicking and dragging takes a little practice, so don’t be
concerned if you don’t get it right the first time. You can always try again.
To select and delete multiple items:
1. Press the key five times. As shown in Figure 2-7, the insertion point is now located in
the sentence that begins “To avoid any root damage or problems.” The status bar indicates
that this is line 1 of page 2.
Figure 2-7
Text to be deleted
delete this word
don’t delete the comma
delete this phrase
2. Double-click the word any . The word and the space following it are selected.
3. Press and hold the Ctrl key, click to the left of “or” and drag to select the phrase “or prob-
lems,” and then release the Ctrl key. Do not select the comma after the word “problems.”
At this point the word “any” and the phrase “or problems” should be selected.
Trouble? If you don’t get Step 3 right the first time (for instance, if you accidentally selected
the word “damage”), click anywhere in the document and then repeat Steps 2 and 3.
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