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Session 2.1
4. Press the Delete key. The selected items are deleted and the words around them move in
to fill the space. As you can see in Figure 2-8, you still need to delete the extra space
before the comma.
Paragraph after deleting phrase
Figure 2-8
extra space
“or problems” has
been deleted
“any” has been deleted
Trouble? If you deleted the wrong text, click the Undo button (not the Redo button)
on the Standard toolbar to reverse your mistake, and then begin again with Step 2.
Trouble? If your screen looks slightly different from Figure 2-8, don’t be concerned. The
text may wrap differently on your monitor. Just make sure you deleted the correct text.
5. Click to the right of the word “damage,” and then press the Delete key. The extra space is
6. Scroll down to display the last line of the document (if necessary), drag the mouse pointer
to select “Marilee Brigham,” press the Delete key, press the spacebar , and then type your
first and last name. This change will make it easier for you to retrieve your document if you
print it on a network printer used by other students.
You have edited the document by replacing “Too” with “Two” and by removing the
text that Marilee marked for deletion. Now you are ready to make the rest of the edits she
Moving Text within a Document
One of the most useful features of a word-processing program is the ability to move text.
For example, Marilee wants to reorder the four points Peter made in the section “Do I
have to do anything to the tree before planting?” on page 1 of his draft. You could reorder
the list by deleting an item and then retyping it at a new location, but it’s easier to select
and then move the text. Word provides several ways to move text: drag and drop, cut and
paste, and copy and paste.
Dragging and Dropping Text
One way to move text within a document is called drag and drop. With drag and drop ,
you select the text you want to move, press and hold down the mouse button while you
drag the selected text to a new location, and then release the mouse button.
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