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Session 2.1
Dragging and dropping works well if you’re moving text a short distance in a docu-
ment. However, Word provides another method, called cut and paste, that works well for
moving text both long and short distances.
Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text
To cut means to remove text from the document and place it on the Clipboard , a feature
that temporarily stores text or graphics until you need them later. To copy means to copy
text to the Clipboard, leaving the original material in its original location. To paste means
to transfer a copy of the text from the Clipboard into the document at the insertion point.
To cut and paste , you select the text you want to move, cut (or remove) it from the docu-
ment, and then paste (or insert) it into the document in a new location. If you don’t want
to remove the text from its original location, you can copy it (rather than cutting it), and
then paste the copy in a new location.
Reference Window
Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text
Select the text you want to cut or copy.
To remove the text, click the Cut button on the Standard toolbar.
To make a copy of the text, click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.
Move the insertion point to the target location in the document.
Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar.
Depending on how your computer is set up, when you cut or copy more than one
item, the Clipboard task pane may open automatically, making it easier for you to select
which items you want to paste into the document. (To have the Clipboard task pane open
automatically, click Options at the bottom of the Clipboard task pane, and then select
Show Clipboard Automatically.) You can also choose to open the Clipboard task pane via
the Office Clipboard command on the Edit menu. The Clipboard task pane contains a list
of all the items currently stored on the Clipboard. The Clipboard can store a maximum of
24 items. The last item cut or copied to the Clipboard is the first item listed in the
Clipboard task pane.
As indicated in Figure 2-1, Marilee suggested moving the word “thoroughly” (in the
paragraph under the heading “Should I water my new tree right away?”) to a new loca-
tion. You’ll use cut and paste to move this word.
To move text using cut and paste:
1. If necessary, scroll down until you can see the paragraph below the heading “Should I
water my new tree right away?” near the bottom of page 1.
2. Double-click the word thoroughly . As you can see in Figure 2-12, you need to move this
word to the end of the sentence.
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