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Session 2.1
Text to move using cut and paste
Figure 2-12
selected text to be moved
new location for text
3. Click the Cut button
on the Standard toolbar to remove the selected text from the
4. If the Clipboard task pane opens, click its Close button
for now. You’ll have a chance
to use the Clipboard task pane shortly.
5. Click between the “n” in “again” and the period that follows it. The insertion point marks
the position where you want to move the text.
6. Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar. The word “thoroughly” appears in its
new location, along with a Paste Options button. Note that Word also included a space
before the word, so that the end of the sentence reads “and water again thoroughly.” The
Paste Options button that appeared in the previous set of steps (when you dragged text to
a new location) disappears.
Trouble? If the Paste Options buttons on your computer do not behave exactly as
described in these steps—for instance, if they do not disappear as described—this is not a
problem, just continue with the tutorial.
Peter mentions that he’ll be using the paragraph on mulch and the paragraph on
watering for the FAQ he plans to write on flowering shrubs. He asks you to copy that
information and paste it in a new document that he can use as the basis for the new FAQ.
You can do this using copy and paste. In the process you’ll have a chance to use the
Clipboard task pane.
To copy and paste text:
1. Click Edit on the menu bar, and then click Office Clipboard . The Clipboard task pane
opens on the right side of the Document window. It contains the word “thoroughly,” which
you copied to the Clipboard in the last set of steps. See Figure 2-13.
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