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Session 2.1
To replace “LMG” with “Long Meadow Gardens”:
1. Press Ctrl+Home to move the insertion point to the beginning of the document.
2. Click Edit on the menu bar, and then click Replace . The Find and Replace dialog box opens.
3. If you see a More button, click it to display the additional search options. (If you see a Less
button, the additional options are already displayed.) Also, click the Search list arrow, and
then click All if it is not already selected in order to search the entire document.
4. Click the Find what text box, type LMG , press the Tab key, and then type Long Meadow
Gardens in the Replace with text box.
Trouble? If you already see the text “LMG” and “Long Meadow Gardens” in your Find
and Replace dialog box, someone has recently performed these steps on your computer.
Skip Step 4 and continue with Step 5.
5. Click the Find whole words only check box to insert a check.
6. Click the Match case check box to insert a check. This ensures that Word will insert the
replacement text using initial capital letters, as you specified in the Replace with text box.
Your Find and Replace dialog box should look like Figure 2-15.
Find and Replace dialog box
Figure 2-15
t ype search
text here
text here
click to instantly
replace all occurrences
of search text with
replacement text
7. Click the Replace All button to replace all occurrences of the search text with the replace-
ment text. When Word finishes making the replacements, you see a message box telling
you that two replacements were made.
8. Click the OK button to close the message box, and then click the Close button in the Find
and Replace dialog box to return to the document. The full company name has been
inserted into the document, as shown in Figure 2-16. (You may have to scroll down to see
this section.)
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