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Session 2.2
Figure 2-16
Document with “Long Meadow Gardens” inserted
replacement text
9. Save the document.
Note that you can also search for and replace formatting, such as bold and special
characters, in the Find and Replace dialog box. Click in the Find what text box, enter the
search text, click the Format button, click Font to open the Font dialog box, and then
select the formatting for the search text. Repeat this process for the replacement text, and
then complete the search or replacement operation as usual.
You have completed the content changes Marilee requested. In the next session you
will make some changes that will affect the document’s appearance.
Session 2.1 Quick Check
1. Explain how to use the Spelling and Grammar checker.
2. True or False: You should move the insertion point to the beginning of the document
before starting the Spelling and Grammar checker.
3. Explain how to select the following items using the mouse:
a. one word
b. a block of text
c. one paragraph
4. Define the following terms in your own words:
a. selection bar
b. drag and drop
c. Replace
5. True or False: You can display the Clipboard via a command on the Format menu.
6. What is the difference between cut and paste, and copy and paste?
7. List the steps involved in finding and replacing text in a document.
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session, go
to the SAM 2003 Training
Companion CD included
with this text.
Session 2.2
Changing Margins and Page Orientation
By default, text in a Word document is formatted in portrait orientation , which means the
page is longer than it is wide (like a typical business letter). In Portrait orientation, the
default margins are 1.25 inches for the left and right margins and 1 inch for the top and
bottom margins. In landscape orientation , the page is wider than it is long, with slightly
different margins, so that text spans the widest part of the page.
When working with margins, note that the numbers on the ruler indicate the distance
in inches from the left margin, not from the left edge of the paper. You can change both
page margins and page orientation from within the Page Setup dialog box.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
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