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Session 2.2
Changing Margins and Page Orientation for the Entire Document
Reference Window
With the insertion point anywhere in your document and no text selected, click File on
the menu bar, and then click Page Setup.
If necessary, click the Margins tab to display the margin settings.
Click the Landscape icon if you want to switch to Landscape orientation.
Use the arrows to change the settings in the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right text boxes, or
type a new margin value in each text box.
Make sure the Apply to list box displays Whole document.
Click the OK button.
You need to change the top margin to 1.5 inches and the left margin to 1.75 inches, per
Marilee’s request. The left margin needs to be wider than usual to allow space for making
holes so that the document can be inserted in a three-ring binder. In the next set of steps,
you’ll change the margins using the Page Setup command. You can also change margins
in Print Layout view by dragging an icon on the horizontal ruler. You’ll have a chance to
practice this technique in the Case Problems at the end of this tutorial.
To change the margins in the Tree FAQ document:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure Word is running, the Tree FAQ
document is open in Normal view, and nonprinting characters are displayed.
2. Press Ctrl+Home to move the insertion point to the top of the document.
3. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialog box.
4. Click the Margins tab, if it is not already selected, to display the margin settings. Portrait
orientation is selected by default. The Top margin setting is selected. See Figure 2-17. As
you complete the following steps, keep an eye on the document preview, which changes to
reflect changes you make to the margins.
Page Setup dialog box
Figure 2-17
Top margin setting
Margins tab selected
Portrait orientation
selected by default
new margin settings
will apply to
whole document
p review illustrates
changes to margins
5. Type 1.5 to change the Top margin setting. (You do not have to type the inches symbol.)
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