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Session 2.2
6. Press the Tab key twice to select the Left text box and highlight the current margin setting.
The text area in the Preview box moves down to reflect the larger top margin.
7. Verify that the insertion point is in the Left text box, type 1.75 , and then press the Tab key.
The left margin in the Preview box increases.
8. Make sure the Whole document option is selected in the Apply to list box, and then click
the OK button to return to your document. Notice that the right margin on the ruler has
changed to reflect the larger left margin setting and the resulting reduced page area. The
document text is now 5.5 inches wide. See Figure 2-18.
Figure 2-18
Ruler after setting left margin to 1.75 inches
text width now 5.5 inches
Trouble? If a double dotted line and the words “Section Break” appear in your document,
Whole document wasn’t specified in the Apply to list box. If this occurs, click the Undo but-
ton on the Standard toolbar and repeat Steps 2 through 8, making sure you select the
Whole document option in the Apply to list box.
Next, you will change the amount of space between lines of text.
Changing Line Spacing
The line spacing in a document determines the amount of vertical space between lines of
text. In most situations, you will want to choose from three basic types of line spacing: single
spacing (which allows for the largest character in a particular line as well as a small amount
of extra space); 1.5 line spacing (which allows for one and one-half times the space of single
spacing); and double spacing (which allows for twice the space of single spacing). The Tree
FAQ document is currently single-spaced because Word uses single spacing by default. The
easiest way to change line spacing is to use the Line Spacing button on the Formatting tool-
bar. You can also use the keyboard to apply single, double, and 1.5 line spacing. Before
changing the line-spacing setting, you need to click in the paragraph you want to change. To
change line spacing for multiple paragraphs, select all of the paragraphs you want to change.
Note that changes to line spacing affect entire paragraphs; you can’t change the line spacing
for individual lines within a paragraph.
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