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Session 2.2
Justified paragraphs
Figure 2-21
click to justify text
justified text
You’ll justify the other paragraphs later. Now that you’ve learned how to change the
paragraph alignment, you can turn your attention to indenting a paragraph.
Indenting a Paragraph
When you become a more experienced Word user, you might want to do some paragraph
formatting, such as a hanging indent (where all lines except the first line of the paragraph
are indented from the left margin) or a right indent (where all lines of the paragraph are
indented from the right margin). You can select these types of indents on the Indents and
Spacing tab of the Paragraph dialog box. To open this dialog box, you click Format on the
menu bar and then click Paragraph.
In this document, though, you need to indent only the main paragraphs 0.5 inches
from the left margin. This left indent is a simple paragraph indent. You can use the Indent
buttons on the Formatting toolbar to increase or decrease paragraph indenting quickly.
According to Marilee’s notes, you need to indent all of the main paragraphs.
To indent a paragraph using the Increase Indent button:
1. Press Ctrl+Home , and then click anywhere in the paragraph that begins “Start by digging
a test hole . . . ”
2. Click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar twice. (Don’t click the
Decrease Indent button by mistake.) The entire paragraph moves right 0.5 inches each
time you click the Increase Indent button. The paragraph is indented 1 inch, 0.5 inches
more than Marilee wants.
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