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Session 2.2
3. Click the Decrease Indent button on the Formatting toolbar to move the paragraph
left 0.5 inches. The paragraph is now indented 0.5 inches from the left margin. Don’t be
concerned about the list of tree species. You will indent the list later, when you format it as
a bulleted list.
4. Move the insertion point to anywhere in the paragraph that begins “While you might be
tempted . . . ” You may have to scroll down to see the paragraph.
5. Click the Increase Indent button
on the Formatting toolbar. The paragraph is
indented 0.5 inches. See Figure 2-22.
Figure 2-22
Indented paragraphs
click to move paragraph
to the left
click to move
to the right
margin marker
shows paragraph
idented 0.5 inches
y ou’ll indent
this list later
paragraphs indented 0.5
inches from left margin
You can continue to indent and then justify each paragraph, or simply use the Format
Painter command. The Format Painter allows you to copy both the indentation and align-
ment changes to all paragraphs in the document.
Using the Format Painter
The Format Painter makes it easy to copy all the formatting features of one paragraph to
other paragraphs. You can use this button to copy formatting to one or multiple items.
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