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Session 2.2
Indented bulleted list
Figure 2-24
Bullets button
bulleted list
The bulleted list you just created includes the default bullet style. To select a different
style of bullets (such as check marks or arrows) you can use the Bullets and Numbering
command on the Format menu. You’ll have a chance to try that command in the Case
Problems at the end of this tutorial.
Next, you need to format the list of steps involved in planting a tree. Marilee asks you
to format this information as a numbered list because this list shows sequential steps. This
is an easy task thanks to the Numbering button, which automatically numbers selected
paragraphs with consecutive numbers. If you insert a new paragraph, delete a paragraph,
or reorder the paragraphs, Word automatically adjusts the numbers to make sure they
remain consecutive.
To apply numbers to the list of steps:
1. Scroll down until you see the list that begins “Remove any tags . . . ” and ends with “of the
planting hole.”
2. Select the entire list. It doesn’t matter whether or not you select the paragraph mark at the
end of the last item.
3. Click the Numbering button on the Formatting toolbar. Consecutive numbers appear
in front of each item in the list. The list is indented, similar to the bulleted list. The list
would look better if it was indented to align with the paragraph.
4. Click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar. The list moves to the
right, so that the numbers align with the preceding paragraph.
5. Click anywhere in the document to deselect the text. Figure 2-25 shows the indented and
numbered list.
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