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Session 2.2
To change the font of the title:
1. Press Ctrl+Home to move the insertion point to the beginning of the document, and then
click to the left of the title Frequently Asked Questions About Trees to select it.
2. Click the Font list arrow on the Formatting toolbar. A list of available fonts appears in
alphabetical order, with the name of the current font in the Font text box. See Figure 2-26.
Fonts that have been used recently might appear above a double line. Note that each name
in the list is formatted with the relevant font. For example, “Arial” appears in the Arial font,
and “Times New Roman” appears in the Times New Roman font.
Font list
Figure 2-26
Font list arrow
Font size list arrow
current font
shown in
Font text box
recently used fonts (you
may not see this or your
list may differ)
Trouble? If you don’t see the fonts beginning with “A” at the top of your Font list, scroll
up until you do.
3. Click Arial to select it as the new font. As you click, watch the font in the title change to
reflect the new font.
Trouble? If Arial doesn’t appear in the font list, use another sans serif font.
4. Click the Font Size list arrow on the Formatting toolbar, and then click 14 in the size list.
As you click, watch the title’s font increase from 12 to 14 points.
5. Save your work, and then click within the title to deselect it. See Figure 2-27. Note that the
font settings in the Formatting toolbar reflect the font settings of the text that is currently
selected, or, if no text is selected, of the text currently containing the insertion point.
Title font and font size changed
Figure 2-27
font of text containing
insertion point
font size of text containing
insertion point
insertion point
Trouble? If your font and font size settings don’t match those in Figure 2-27, you might
not have clicked the title. Click the title, view the font and font size settings displayed on
the Formatting toolbar, and then make the necessary changes. Because of differences in
fonts and monitors, the characters in your document might look different from the figure.
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