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Session 2.2
Previewing Formatted Text
You have made all the editing and formatting changes that Marilee requested for the Tree
FAQ document. It’s helpful to preview a document after formatting it, because the Print
Preview window makes it easy to spot text that is not aligned correctly.
To preview and print the document:
1. Press Ctrl+Home , click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar, click the
One Page button on the Print Preview toolbar if you see more than one page, and
examine the first page of the document. Use the vertical scroll bar to display the second
page. (If you notice any alignment or indentation errors, click the Close button on the Print
Preview toolbar, correct the errors in Normal view, save your changes, and then return to
the Print Preview window.)
2. Click the Print button
on the Print Preview toolbar. After a pause, the document prints.
3. Click the Close button on the Print Preview toolbar. You return to Normal view.
4. If you made any changes to the document after previewing it, save your work.
You now have a printed copy of the final Tree FAQ document, as shown in Figure 2-30.
Figure 2-30
Final version of Tree FAQ document
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