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Session 2.2
Adding Comments
Peter reviews the Tree FAQ document and is happy with its appearance. He wonders if he
should add some information about fertilizing new trees. He asks you to insert a note to
Marilee about this using Word’s Comment feature. A comment is an electronic version of
a self-sticking note that you might attach to a piece of paper. To insert a comment in a
Word document, select a block of text, click Comment on the Insert menu, and then type
your comment in the comment box. To display a comment, place the mouse pointer over
text where the comment has been inserted. Comments are very useful when you are
exchanging Word documents with co-workers electronically, whether via e-mail, disks,
or on CDs, because they allow you to make notes or queries without affecting the docu-
ment itself.
You’ll insert Peter’s comment at the document title so that Marilee will be sure to see it as
soon as she opens the document. It’s easiest to work with comments in Print Layout view.
To add the comment to the document:
1. Click the Print Layout View button in the lower-left corner of the Word window, then
click the Zoom list arrow and click 100% in the list if it is not already selected. The docu-
ment view changes, allowing you to see the document margins.
2. Scroll up and down through the document and notice that, in Print Layout view, a page
break is represented by something more noticeable than a dotted line. You can actually see
the end of one page and the beginning of another.
3. Scroll up to the beginning of the document, and then select the title Frequently Asked
Questions About Trees . (Do not select the paragraph mark after the title.)
4. Click Insert on the menu bar, and then click Comment . A comment balloon appears in the
right margin, with the insertion point ready for you to type your comment. The Reviewing
toolbar opens, displaying buttons that are useful for working with comments. See Figure 2-31.
Inserting a comment
Figure 2-31
Reviewing toolbar
Comment balloon
your user initials will differ
insertion point ready for
you to begin typing
Trouble? If you can’t see the entire comment balloon, scroll right to display it fully.
The comment is preceded by the user’s initials and a number. Initials depend on the
information entered on the Information tab in the Options dialog box. The numbers are
sequential, with the first comment labeled #1, the second #2, and so on.
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