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Session 2.2
5. Type Should we add a section on fertilizing new trees? The newly typed comment is
displayed in the comment balloon. Depending on the size of your monitor, you may need to
scroll right to read the entire comment.
6. Click the Normal View button in the lower-left corner of the Word window. The title is
highlighted in color with brackets around it, indicating that a comment has been inserted
at this point in the document.
7. Place the mouse pointer over the title. The comment is displayed in a ScreenTip over the
pointer. When you move the mouse pointer away from the title, the ScreenTip closes.
8. Save the document.
Note that to delete a comment, you can right-click the comment box in Print Layout
view and click Delete Comment. To edit a comment, click in the comment box and make
any deletions or additions you desire. After you insert comments in a document, you can
choose to print the document with or without comments in the margin. To print the com-
ments, select Document showing markup in the Print what list box of the Print dialog box.
To print a document without comments, select Document in the Print what list box. You’ll
find comments useful when you need to collaborate on a document with your fellow stu-
dents or co-workers.
Using the Research Task Pane
Before you finish your work for the day, Peter suggests that you use the Research task
pane to look up information on plants sold at Long Meadow Gardens. The Research
task pane provides a number of research tools, including a thesaurus, an Internet search
engine, and access to the Encarta Encyclopedia and Dictionary. To take full advantage of
these options, your computer must be connected to the Internet. To get started, Peter asks
you to use the Research task pane to find the Latin name for “red maple.”
To look up “red maple” in the Research task pane:
1. Verify that your computer is connected to the Internet. If your computer is not connected
to the Internet, read, but do not attempt to perform, the following steps.
2. Use the Find command to locate and select the text “red maple”. Close the Find and
Replace dialog box.
3. Click the Research button on the Standard toolbar. The Research task pane opens. See
Figure 2-32. The term you selected in the document appears in the Search for text box,
ready for you to look up the definition. Next, you need to specify the reference source you
want to search.
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