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In Depth Information
Session 2.2
Figure 2-33
Research results
Encarta Dictionary entry
if you see a plus sign here, click
to display Encarta Dictionary entry
Latin name
Trouble? If you see “Encarta Dictionary: English (North America)” but not the dictionary
entry for “red maple,” click the plus sign as indicated in Figure 2-33.
5. Click the Close button
at the top of the Research task pane. The Research task
pane closes.
6. Close the Reviewing toolbar, save, and then close the document.
In this tutorial, you have helped Peter edit and format the Tree FAQ document that will
be handed out to all customers purchasing a tree at Long Meadow Gardens. Peter will
e-mail the file to Marilee later so that she can review your work and read the comment
you inserted.
Session 2.2 Quick Check
1. What are Word’s default values for the left and right margins? For the top and
bottom margins?
2. Describe the steps involved in changing the line spacing in a document.
3. Describe the four types of text alignment.
4. Explain how to indent a paragraph 1 inch or more from the left margin.
5. Describe a situation in which you would use the Format Painter.
6. Explain how to transform a series of short paragraphs into a numbered list.
7. Explain how to add underlining to a word as you type it.
8. True or False: Before you can take full advantage of the Research task pane, your
computer must be connected to the Internet.
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session, go
to the SAM 2003 Training
Companion CD included
with this text.
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