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Essential Computer Concepts
Essential Computer Concepts
Paik’s Oriental Rug Gallery
Paik’s Oriental Rug Gallery, located in the university town of Lake Thompson, specializes in the sale of new and
used Oriental carpets. Paik’s also performs beautiful renovations of damaged or old Oriental rugs. Thanks to his
excellent customer service and professional reputation, owner Sang Kee Paik has broadened his customer base
over the course of the last two years and is finding it hard to keep up with the paperwork. He recently hired you,
a college graduate of the school of business, to assist him.
After several days on the job, you suggest to Mr. Paik that he would find it much easier to manage his inventory
and payroll if he purchased several computers. He tells you he’s considered that before, but hasn’t had time to
shop around. He asks you to research the features and prices of today’s computers and recommend what he
should purchase.
You go to the library to review computer trade magazines and examine the features of current models. Computers
and their prices are constantly changing, but most of today’s computers are well-suited to running a small busi-
ness. You are sure you will be able to find computers that will meet Mr. Paik’s needs. Figure 1 (on the next page)
shows an advertisement for a computer you think might be appropriate for Mr. Paik’s business.
| Objectives
| Labs
• Describe the compo-
nents of a computer
• Compare the types of
• Define a personal com-
puter’s hardware in
terms of its functions:
input, output, process-
ing, and storage
• Examine data represen-
tation and the ASCII
• Describe how periph-
eral devices are con-
nected to a personal
• Identify the hardware
and software that are
used to establish a
network connection
• Explain how Internet
access, e-mail, and the
World Wide Web affect
the use of computers
• Discuss the types of
system software and
their functions
• Identify popular appli-
cation software
• Describe how data is
shared among different
types of application
Using a
Using a
The Internet:
World Wide
Using Files
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