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Session 2.2
5. Proofread the document carefully to check for any additional errors. Look for and correct
two errors that were not reported when you used the Spelling and Grammar checker.
6. Remove any Smart Tags in the document.
7. Move the last sentence of the document (which begins “For questions, call . . . ”) to
create a new paragraph, just above the heading “Transactions.”
8. Select the Transactions portion of the document, from the heading “Transactions”
down to the end of the document. Increase the indentation by 0.5 inch.
9. Open the Clipboard task pane. Select the company name and address at the top of
the document and copy it to the Clipboard. Then copy the Customer Service Center
phone number (above Transactions) to the Clipboard.
10. Open a new, blank document. Type your name on the first line, and then “Customer
Service Center” on the next line. Move the insertion point to the third line. Open the
Clipboard task pane, and then click the company address to insert this information at
the insertion point. Be sure the insertion point is below the address, and then click the
phone number to insert it in the document. Notice that text inserted from the Clipboard
retains its original formatting, though the alignment may not carry over perfectly.
11. Left-align any centered text, clear the contents of the Clipboard task pane, close the
task pane, and print the document.
12. Switch to Print Layout view. Then select the company name and insert the following
comment: “Marilee, please let me know how you want this document formatted.”
13. Save the document as Customer Service Contact in the Tutorial.02\Review folder.
Close the document.
14. Save the Monthly Statement document, and then preview and print it.
15. Select the term “Amendments,” which appears in the bulleted list at the end of the
document. Open the Research task pane and look up the definition of “amendment.”
Note : you must have an active Internet connection to complete this step.
16. Type an asterisk (*) after “Amendments,” and then on a blank line at the end of the
document type an asterisk (*) followed by the definition of “amendment.” After the
definition include a sentence indicating that the definition is taken from the Encarta
17. Close the Research task pane and the Reviewing toolbar, save the Monthly Statement
document, and then close it.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Tribune.doc
Blue Ridge Tribune The Blue Ridge Tribune is a student-run newspaper published
through the Blue Ridge College Student Services Association. The newspaper is distributed
around campus each Friday. The online version of the newspaper is posted on the Blue
Ridge College Web site. Local businesses have a long-established tradition of advertising
in the print version of the newspaper, and the paper’s advertising manager, Noah
McCormick, would like to ensure that this same tradition carries over to the online news-
paper. When he sends out the monthly statements to his print advertisers, he would like to
include a one-page brochure encouraging them to purchase an online ad. He typed the
text about online advertising that is currently found on the Blue Ridge Tribune Web site
and saved it as unformatted text in a Word document.
Apply the skills you
learned to create a one-
page advertising
1. Open the file Tribune located in the Tutorial.02\Cases folder included with your Data
Files, and save the file as Tribune Brochure in the same folder.
2. Correct any spelling or grammar errors. Make sure the right correction is selected in
the Suggestions list box before you click Change.
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