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Session 2.2
10. Experiment with two special paragraph alignment options: first line and hanging.
First, select the two bulleted items under the subheading “Middleton Public Schools.”
Click the Bullets button on the Formatting toolbar to remove the bulleted list format.
Next, click Format on the menu bar, click Paragraph, and then click the Indents and
Spacing tab. Click the Special list arrow in the Paragraph dialog box, and notice the
special alignment options. Experiment with both the First line and the Hanging
options. When you are finished, return the document to its original format by choos-
ing the (none) option, and then reapplying the bulleted list format.
11. Save and preview the document.
12. Print the document and close it.
13. The Research task pane provides access to a variety of resources. Some (such as the
Encarta Dictionary) are free, while others (such as the Encarta Encyclopedia) require
you to pay a subscription fee. After you find the information you need in the Research
task pane, you can copy and paste it into your document. Keep in mind that you
must always cite your source when you use copyrighted material, such as the defini-
tions from the Encarta Dictionary. To practice using the Research task pane, open a
new, blank document, connect your computer to the Internet (if necessary), and open
the Research task pane. Change the document’s Zoom setting to 75% so you can see
the entire document next to the Research task pane. Type the word “publishing” in
the Search for text box, click the list arrow below the Search for text box, and select
an option that interests you. Experiment by clicking topics in the Research task pane.
To display a topic more fully, click the box that contains a plus sign (to the left of the
topic). In some cases, when you click a topic, Internet Explorer opens (with the
Research task pane on the left) to display more information.
14. When you are finished experimenting, close Internet Explorer, if necessary, and return
to the Word window. Click the list arrow below the Search for text box and select
Encarta Dictionary: English (North America). Scroll down and then drag the mouse
pointer to select the definition that begins “the trade, profession, or activity…”, press
Ctrl+C to copy the information to the Clipboard, click in the document, and then use
the Paste button to paste the definition into the document. Add some text explaining
that you copied the definition from the Encarta Dictionary to demonstrate how to copy
and paste information from the Research task pane.
15. Save the document as Encarta Definition in the Tutorial.02\Cases folder, print it,
close the Research task pane, and close the document.
Case Problem 4
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Form.doc
Gygs and Bytes Melissa Martinez is the purchasing manager for Gygs and Bytes, a
wholesale distributor of computer parts based in Portland, Oregon. Most of the company’s
business is conducted via catalog or through the company’s Web site, but local customers
sometimes drop by to pick up small orders. In the past Melissa has had problems deter-
mining which of her customers’ employees were authorized to sign credit invoices. To
avoid confusion, she has asked all local customers to complete a form listing employees
who are authorized to sign invoices. She plans to place the completed forms in a binder at
the main desk, so the receptionist at Gygs and Bytes can find the information quickly.
Explore new ways to
format an Invoice
Authorization Form for
a high-tech computer
1. Open the file Form located in Tutorial.02\Cases folder included with your Data Files,
and save the file as Invoice Authorization Form in the same folder.
2. Correct any spelling or grammar errors. Ignore the name of the company “Gygs
and Bytes.”
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