Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.2
19. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar to check your work.
20. Click the Shrink to Fit button on the Print Preview toolbar to reduce the entire docu-
ment to one page. Word reduces the font sizes slightly in order to fit the entire form
on one page. Close the Print Preview window and save your work.
21. Use the Print command on the File menu to open the Print dialog box. Print two copies
of the document by changing the Number of copies setting in the Print dialog box.
22. You can find out useful statistics about your documents by using the Word Count
command on the Tools menu. Use this command to determine the number of words,
characters (not including spaces), and paragraphs in the document, and then write
these statistics in the upper-right corner of the printout.
23. Save and close the document.
Internet Assignments
The purpose of the Internet Assignments is to challenge you to find information on the
Internet that you can use to work effectively with this software. The actual assignments are
updated and maintained on the Course Technology Web site. Log on to the Internet and
use your Web browser to go to the Student Online Companion for New Perspectives
Office 2003 at . Click the Internet Assignments link, and
then navigate to the assignments for this tutorial.
Go to the Web to find
information you can use
to create documents.
SAM Assessment and Training
If your instructor has chosen to use the full online version of SAM 2003 Assessment and
Training, you can go beyond the “just-in-time” training provided on the CD that accompa-
nies this text. Simply log in to your SAM account ( to launch
any assigned training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this tutorial.
Quick Check Answers
Session 2.1
1. Click at the beginning of the document, and then click the Spelling and Grammar
button on the Standard toolbar. In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box, review each
error, which is displayed in color. Grammatical errors appear in green; spelling errors
appear in red. Review the possible corrections in the Suggestions list box. To accept a
suggested correction, click it in the Suggestions list box, and then click Change to
make the correction and continue searching the document for errors.
2. True
3. a. double-click the word
b. click at the beginning of the block, and then drag until the entire block is selected
c. double-click in the selection bar next to the paragraph, or triple-click in the paragraph
4. a. the blank space in the left margin area of the Document window that allows you
to select entire lines or large blocks of text easily
b. the process of moving text by first selecting the text, then pressing and holding the
mouse button while moving the text to its new location in the document, and
finally releasing the mouse button
c. a command on the Edit menu that is used to search for a set of characters and
replace them with a different set of characters
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