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Tutorial 3
Tutorial 3
Creating a Multiple-Page Report
Writing a Recommendation
Tyger Networks
Tyger Networks is a consulting company in Madison, Wisconsin, that specializes in setting up computer networks
for small businesses and organizations. Susan Launspach, the program director at New Hope Social Services,
recently contacted Tyger Networks about linking the computer networks at New Hope’s three main offices. The
offices are scattered throughout southern Wisconsin in Madison, Janesville, and Milwaukee. Each office has its
own self-contained computer network. To make it easier for a social worker in one office to access data stored on
a computer in another office, Susan would like to establish some kind of connection between the three networks.
Caitlyn Waller, an account manager at Tyger Networks, is responsible for the New Hope account. In a phone call,
she explained to Susan that connecting the three offices will create a new type of a network known as a wide area
network (WAN). Because Susan is unfamiliar with networking terminology, Caitlyn offered to write a report that
summarizes the options for creating this type of a network. Working with a task force of sales and technical per-
sonnel, Caitlyn compiled the necessary information in a multi-page document. Now Caitlyn would like you to
help her finish formatting the report. She also needs some help adding a table to the end of the report. Once the
report is completed, Susan will present it to the board of directors at New Hope Social Services.
In this tutorial, you will format the report’s title page so that it has a different layout from the rest of the report. The
title page will contain only the title and subtitle and will not have page numbers like the rest of the report. You
also will add a table to the report that summarizes the costs involved in creating a WAN.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Change the vertical
alignment of a section
• Create a document
• Create a hanging indent
• Create a header
different from previous
section header
• Create tables
• Delete a page break
• Enter data into a
Word table
Session 3.1
• Set tab stops
• Divide a document into
• Center a page between
the top and bottom
• Create a header with
page numbers
• Create a table
• First-line indent
• Format sections
• Insert a next page
section break
• Insert page breaks
• Insert page numbers
• Modify tabs
• Set Decimal tabs
• Use Page Setup options
to format sections
• Use print preview
Session 3.2
• Sort the rows in a table
• Modify a table’s
• Format a table
• Explore Reading
Layout view
• Apply AutoFormats
to tables
• Delete table columns
• Insert rows in a table
• Modify cell formats
• Modify table borders
• Modify table formats by
merging table cells
• Modify table formats by
splitting table cells
• Print documents
• Rotate text in a table cell
• Sort table data
• Use formulas in tables
• Use Reading layout and
other views
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page WD 2.
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