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Session 3.1
Session 3.1
Planning the Document
Caitlyn divided the responsibility for the report among the members of the group. Each
person gathered information about one topic and wrote the appropriate section of the
report. Then Caitlyn compiled all the information into a coherent and unified report. In
addition, she took care to follow the company’s guidelines for content, organization,
style, and format.
Because Caitlyn knows that some members of the New Hope board of directors will
not have time to read the entire report, she began the report with an executive sum-
mary. The body of the report provides an in-depth explanation of the options for estab-
lishing a WAN. At the end of the report, she summarizes the costs of these options. The
report’s style follows established standards of business writing, and emphasizes clarity,
simplicity, and directness.
In accordance with the company style guide, Caitlyn’s report will begin with a title
page, with the text centered between the top and bottom margins. Every page except
the title page will include a line of text at the top, giving a descriptive name for the
report, as well as the page number. The text and headings will be formatted to match
all reports created at Tyger Networks, and will follow company guidelines for layout
and text style.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
Opening the Report
Caitlyn already has combined the individual sections into one document. She also has
begun formatting the report by changing the font size of headings, adding formatting
such as bold and italic, and by indenting paragraphs. You’ll open the document and
follow the steps in this section to perform the remaining formatting tasks, as indicated
in Figure 3-1.
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