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Session 3.1
List of task force members
Figure 3-5
tab alignment selector
(with Left tab stop marker)
your first and last name
should appear here
titles do not align neatly
The list of names and titles is not aligned properly. You’ll fix this by inserting a new tab stop.
To add a new tab stop to the horizontal ruler:
1. Click and drag the mouse pointer to select the list of task force members and titles.
2. Make sure the current tab-stop alignment style is Left tab , as shown in Figure 3-5. If
is not selected, click the tab alignment selector one or more times until
3. Click the tick mark on the ruler that occurs at 2.5 inches. Word automatically inserts a Left
tab stop at that location and removes the tick marks to its left. The column of titles shifts to
the new tab stop.
4. Deselect the highlighted text and then move the insertion point anywhere in the list of
names and titles. See Figure 3-6.
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