Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 3.1
Figure 3-8
Section break
pa g e 1,
section 1
point in
section 2
section break
page where
insertion point
is located
section where
insertion point
is located
Trouble? If you see a single dotted line and the words “Page Break,” you inserted a page
break rather than a section break. Click the Undo button
on the Standard toolbar, and
then repeat Steps 1 through 3.
4. To practice deleting a section break, click the Section break line, and then press the Delete
key. The section break line disappears and the status bar indicates that the insertion point
is located in section 1, which is now the only section.
5. Click the Undo button
on the Standard toolbar. The section break reappears.
6. Save your work.
Now that the title page is a separate section and page from the rest of the report, you
can make changes affecting only that section, leaving the rest of the document unchanged.
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