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Session 3.1
Changing the Vertical Alignment of a Section
You’re ready to center the text of page 1 vertically on the page. But first you will switch to
the Print Preview window, so you can more easily observe your changes to page 1.
To see the document in Print Preview:
1. Click the Print Preview button
on the Standard toolbar to open the Print Preview window.
2. If you don’t see all three pages (as shown in Figure 3-9) click the Multiple Pages button
on the Print Preview toolbar, and then click and drag across the top three pages in the list
box to select “1
3 Pages.” The three pages of the report are reduced in size and appear
side by side. See Figure 3-9. Although you cannot read the text on the pages, you can see
the general layout.
Report in Print Preview window
Figure 3-9
Multiple Pages button
unformatted title page
Now you can change the vertical alignment to center the lines of text between the top
and bottom margins. The vertical alignment specifies how a page of text is positioned on
the page between the top and bottom margins—flush at the top, flush at the bottom, or
centered between the top and bottom margins.
You’ll center the title page text from within the Print Preview window.
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