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Session 3.1
To change the vertical alignment of the title page:
1. Click the Magnifier button on the Print Preview toolbar once to deselect it. When the
magnifier button is deselected, you can edit the document.
2. Click the leftmost page in the Print Preview window to move the insertion point to page 1
(the title page). The status bar indicates that page 1 is the current page.
Trouble? If the size of page 1 increases when you click it, you selected the Magnifier but-
in Step 1 instead of deselecting it. Click the Multiple Pages button
on the Print
Preview toolbar, drag to select “1
3 Pages,” and then repeat Steps 1 and 2.
3. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Page Setup . The Page Setup dialog box opens.
4. Click the Layout tab. In the Apply to list box, select This section (if it is not already
selected) so that the layout change affects only the section containing the insertion point
(that is, the first section) and not both sections of your document.
5. Click the Vertical alignment list arrow, and then click Center to center the pages of the
current section—in this case, just page 1—vertically between the top and bottom margins.
6. Click the OK button to return to the Print Preview window. The text of the title page is cen-
tered vertically, as shown in Figure 3-10.
Figure 3-10
Title page vertically centered
other pages in
document are
not affected
text centered
between top and
bottom margins
7. Click the Close button on the Print Preview toolbar to return to Normal view.
You have successfully centered the title page text. Next, you turn your attention to
inserting a header with a descriptive name for the report and the page number at the top
of every page in section 2.
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