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Session 3.1
Adding Headers
The report guidelines at Tyger Networks require a short report title and the page number to be
printed at the top of every page except the title page. Text that is printed at the top of every
page is called a header . For example, the information printed at the top of the page you are
reading is a header. Similarly, a footer is text that is printed at the bottom of every page.
(You’ll have a chance to work with footers in the Case Problems at the end of this tutorial.)
When you insert a header or footer into a document, you switch to Header and Footer
view. The Header and Footer toolbar is displayed, and the insertion point moves to the top
of the document, where the header will appear. The document text is dimmed, indicating
that it cannot be edited until you return to Normal or Print Layout view.
You’ll create a header for the main body of the report (section 2) that prints “Options for
Establishing a Wide Area Network” at the left margin and the page number at the right margin.
To insert a header for section 2:
1. Click anywhere after the section break so that the insertion point is located in section 2 and
not in section 1. Refer to the status bar to verify that the insertion point is in section 2.
2. Click View on the menu bar, and then click Header and Footer . The Word window changes
to Header and Footer view, and the Header and Footer toolbar appears. The header area is
located in the top margin of your document, surrounded by a dashed line, and displays the
words “Header -Section 2-.” See Figure 3-11. (If the Header and Footer toolbar covers the
header area, drag the toolbar below the header area, similar to its position in Figure 3-11.)
Currently, the header is set up so that any text you type in the section 2 header will also
appear in the section 1 header. In other words, the headers for sections 1 and 2 are linked.
In order to create separate headers for the two sections, you need to deselect the Link to
Previous button in the Header and Footer toolbar. You’ll do that in the next step.
Creating a header
Figure 3-11
header area
Header and
Footer toolbar
Link to Previous
button selected
document text is gray, indicating
that it is unavailable for editing
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