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Session 3.2
Session 3.2
Displaying the Tables and Borders Toolbar
The Tables and Borders toolbar contains a number of useful buttons that simplify the process
of working with tables. You’ll display the Tables and Borders toolbar in the following steps.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
To open the Tables and Borders toolbar:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure Word is running and that the New
Hope WAN Report document is open. Check that the nonprinting characters are displayed,
that the document is displayed in Print Layout view, and that the document is scrolled so
that the table is visible.
2. Click the Tables and Borders button
on the Standard toolbar. The Tables and Borders
toolbar appears.
3. Move the mouse pointer over the table. The Draw Table pointer appears. You can use
this pointer to add new rows or columns in a table, and to add borders between cells. You’ll
have a chance to practice using this pointer in the Case Problems at the end of this tutorial.
For now you’ll turn it off.
4. Click the Draw Table button
on the Tables and Borders toolbar. The pointer changes to
an I-beam pointer .
5. If necessary, drag the Tables and Borders toolbar down and to the right, so that it doesn’t
block your view of the table, as shown in Figure 3-21.
Positioning the Tables and Borders toolbar
Figure 3-21
I-beam pointer
Tables and
Borders toolbar
Draw Table button
should be deselected
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