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Session 3.2
Table after being sorted
Figure 3-22
heading row
remains at top
text sorted in
alphabetical order
both cells in a row move
together, as one entity
Trouble? If the sort was unsuccessful, immediately click the Undo button
on the
Standard toolbar, and then repeat Steps 1 and 2.
Caitlyn stops by and asks you to add an “Installation Charge” column. She also would
like you to insert a new row with information about a Fractional T1 connection.
Modifying an Existing Table Structure
You will often need to modify a table structure by adding or deleting rows and columns.
When you select part of a table, new buttons sometimes appear on the Standard toolbar
to help you modify the table structure. For instance, when you select a column, the Insert
Columns button appears to help you insert a new column in the table. In most cases,
however, you’ll find it easiest to use menu commands to add and delete rows and
columns, because the menu commands allow you to specify exactly how you want to
modify the table. For instance, by using a menu command, you can indicate whether you
want to insert a column to the right or left of the selected column. By contrast, the Insert
Columns button always inserts a new column to the left of the selected column.
Figure 3-23 summarizes ways to insert or delete rows and columns in a table.
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