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Session 3.2
New Installation Charge column
Figure 3-24
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Inserting Rows in a Table
Next, you need to insert a row with information on a more economical type of T1 con-
nection, called a fractional T1 connection. You could insert this row in its alphabetical
position in the table (below the DSL row). But it’s quicker to add the row to the end of the
table, and then resort the table.
To insert a row at the bottom of the table:
1. Click the last cell in the Monthly Charge column (which contains “$1000 to $2000”). The
insertion point is now located in the last cell in the table.
2. Press the Tab key. A blank row is added to the bottom of the table.
Trouble? If a blank row is not added to the bottom of the table, click the Undo button
on the Standard toolbar. Check to make sure the insertion point is in the rightmost cell of
the bottom row, and then press the Tab key.
3. Enter the following information in the new row:
Type of Connection: Fractional T1
Installation Charge: $1500
Monthly Charge: $200 to $600
4. Click anywhere in the Type of Connection column, and then click the Sort Ascending but-
ton on the Tables and Borders toolbar. The table rows are rearranged in alphabetical
order, with the Fractional T1 row positioned below the DSL row, as shown in Figure 3-25.
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