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Types of Computers
computer with similar capability is usually more expensive than a desktop computer, and
Tablet PCs are more expensive than notebook computers.
Hand-held computers , also known as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), are small
computers designed to fit in the palm of your hand, as shown in Figure 4. Hand-held
computers are compact enough to fit in your pocket, and they run on batteries. Hand-held
computers have more limited capabilities than personal computers, and are generally
used to maintain an electronic appointment book, address book, calculator, and notepad,
although high-end PDAs are all-in-one devices that can be used to send and receive e-mails
and make phone calls. Hand-held computers cost between $100 and $700.
Example of a hand-held computer
Figure 4
You assume that your recommendation to Mr. Paik will include personal computers
because most daily tasks can be performed very efficiently using them. However, you
wonder whether some employees might need the portability of notebook computers or
Tablet PCs, and whether others might need a PDA. You add these notes to your list of
questions to ask Mr. Paik.
Many small and large businesses use personal computers extensively. But some busi-
nesses, government agencies, and other institutions also use larger and faster types of
computers such as mainframes and supercomputers. Usually, a company decides to pur-
chase a mainframe computer when it must carry out the processing tasks for many users,
especially when the users share large amounts of data. Each user inputs processing
requests and views output through a terminal. A terminal has a keyboard for input and a
monitor for output, but is not capable of processing data on its own.
Mainframe computers, like the one shown in Figure 5, are typically used to provide
centralized storage, processing, and management for large amounts of data. The price of a
mainframe computer varies widely, from several hundred thousand dollars to several mil-
lion dollars.
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