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Session 3.2
Figure 3-32
Table Tab of the Table Properties dialog box
click this option
4. Click the OK button. The table centers between the left and right margins.
5. Save your work, and then close the Tables and Borders toolbar.
Now that you’re finished with the table, you need to review the entire report quickly to
make sure it requires no further work. To do that, you’ll use Reading Layout view.
Reviewing a Document in Reading Layout View
As you’ve already seen, when you need to check the overall formatting in a document, it’s
useful to use the Whole Page zoom setting in Print Layout view, or the Print Preview win-
dow. But when you are only interested in the content of the document—that is, the text,
tables and graphics, regardless of how they are laid out on the page—it’s best to use
Reading Layout view . This view allows you to peruse a document quickly, displaying the
entire content of a page in a single screen, in a font that is large enough to read easily.
Reading Layout view is designed to let you review a document online, without paying
attention to margins and other page layout issues. When you’re ready to concern yourself
again with the document layout and formatting, you should return to Print Layout view.
Caitlyn asks you to skim the report now in Reading Layout view, to ensure that the doc-
ument is completely finished.
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