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Session 3.2
To review the report in Reading Layout view:
1. Click the Reading Layout button in the lower-left corner of the document window, just
to the left of the horizontal scroll bar. Exactly what you see in Reading Layout view will
depend on the choices made by the last person to use Reading Layout view on your com-
puter, though you should see the Reading Layout toolbar below the menu bar. You will
probably see the Reviewing toolbar too.
2. Scroll up to display the top of the document, click the Allow Multiple Pages button to
select it (if it is not already selected), and then verify that the Actual Page button is not
selected. (If it is selected, click it to deselect it now.) Finally, verify that the Thumbnails
button is not selected. (If it is selected, click it to deselect it now.) Your screen should
resemble Figure 3-33. Note that instead of dividing a document into pages, Reading Layout
view divides a document into screens. The content of the report fills up multiple screens.
Only the first two of these screens are currently displayed.
Report Displayed in Reading Layout view
Figure 3-33
should not be selected
should not be selected
Reviewing toolbar
should be selected
shows current screen
and total number of
screens (your total
number may differ)
tab formatting
is not visible
title page shown
in easy to read size,
broken into two screens
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