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Session 3.2
3. Click the down arrow button
on the vertical scroll bar. Screen 2 is now displayed on the
left, with screen 3 on the right.
4. Continue scrolling through the document until you have reviewed all the screens, and then
return to the beginning of the document.
5. Click screen 1 to move the insertion point there.
6. Click the Increase Text Size button on the Reading Layout toolbar three times. Notice
how the text increases in size, making it easier to read. The line breaks change to accom-
modate the larger sized text. These changes affect only how the text is displayed on the
screen. When you return to Print Layout view later, you will see that the document has
retained its original formatting.
7. Click the Decrease Text Size button on the Reading Layout toolbar three times to
reverse the change made in Step 6. When you finish, the Decrease Text Size button should
be a light shade of blue, indicating that the text cannot be made any smaller.
8. Click the Close button on the Reading Layout toolbar. The document returns to Print
Layout view.
9. Scroll down and verify that the document’s formatting has not changed.
To verify that the document’s page layout settings haven’t changed, you can review the
document in the Print Preview window. You’ll do that next, and then print a copy of the
full report for Caitlyn.
To preview and print the report:
1. Click the Print Preview button
on the Standard toolbar to open the Print Preview window.
2. Use the Multiple Pages button on the Print Preview toolbar to display all four pages of
the report. Verify that the table is centered horizontally on the page, and that the title page
is centered vertically on the page.
3. Click the Print button
on the Print Preview toolbar to print the report, and then close
the document.
You now have a hard copy of the New Hope report including the table, which summa-
rizes the costs for creating a WAN. Your four-page report should look like Figure 3-34. You
give the report to Caitlyn, so that she can add a brief introduction to the table.
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