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Session 3.2
Session 3.2 Quick Check
1. Define the following terms in your own words:
a. line weight
b. line style
c. gridline
d. shading
2. In what order would the following numbers appear in a table if you sorted them in
ascending numerical order: 26, 12, 65, 44?
3. Explain how to add a row to the bottom of a table.
4. What’s the fastest way to modify a column to accommodate the widest entry in
the column?
5. Explain how to adjust the height of a row in a table.
6. Explain how to alter the border on the bottom of a heading row.
7. How do you center a table between the left and right margins?
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session, go
to the SAM 2003 Training
Companion CD included
with this text.
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial you learned how to set tab stops, divide a document into sections, center
text on a page between the top and bottom margins, create a header, and create a table.
You also learned how to display the Tables and Borders toolbar and how to sort the rows
of a table. Finally, you learned how to add and delete rows and columns, how to format a
table to improve its appearance, and how to review a document in Reading Layout view.
Key Terms
Bar tab
Center tab
Decimal tab
First Line Indent tab
Hanging Indent tab
heading row
Left tab
line style
line weight
page break
Reading Layout view
Right tab
section break
tab stop
Table AutoFormat command
Tables and Borders toolbar
tab-stop alignment style
vertical alignment
Review Assignments
Data File needed for the Review Assignments: Trouble.doc
Susan Launspach, the program director at New Hope Social Services, has contacted
Caitlyn Waller about another issue related to the agency’s local area networks (LANs).
Since last January, employees at the Madison office have experienced a number of prob-
lems, including malfunctioning printers and difficulty retrieving e-mail. Susan would like
to hire Tyger Networks to resolve the network problems, a process known as troubleshoot-
ing. To secure the necessary funding, she needs a report outlining the basic issues, which
she can then distribute to New Hope’s board of directors. Working with a task force at
Apply the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
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