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Session 3.2
Tyger Networks, Caitlyn has completed a draft of this report. It’s your job to format the
report and add a table at the end. When you’re finished, she would like you to create a
separate document that lists only the new equipment recommended by Tyger Networks.
Complete the following:
1. Open the file Trouble located in the Tutorial.03\Review folder included with your
Data Files, and then save it as Troubleshooting Report in the same folder.
2. Check your screen to make sure your settings match those in the tutorial. Display
nonprinting characters as necessary and switch to Print Layout view.
3. Select the list of task force members and their titles, and then insert a left tab stop
2.5 inches from the left margin.
4. Replace “Evan Brillstein” with your name.
5. Divide the document into two sections. Insert a section break so that the executive
summary begins on a new page.
6. Vertically align the first section of the document using the Center alignment option,
and view the results in Print Preview.
7. Create a header for section 2 that aligns your name at the left margin and centers the
page number preceded by the word “Page.” Don’t forget to deselect the Link to
Previous button. ( Hint : To center the page number, use the second tab stop.) Close
the Header and Footer toolbar, and then save your work.
8. Insert a page break at the end of the document.
9. Create the table shown in Figure 3-35.
Figure 3-35
Troubleshooting Option
Cable Checker
3 devices for each office, at $225 a piece
40 hours of onsite troubleshooting, at $120 an hour
Onsite Troubleshooting
Cable Tester
1 device to be shared among the three offices
10. Display the Tables and Borders toolbar.
11. Sort the table by the contents of the Troubleshooting Option column in ascending order.
12. Insert a new row just below the Cable Tester row, and then enter the following infor-
mation into the new row:
Troubleshooting option: Onsite Training
Explanation: Informational seminar for all Madison employees
Cost: $300
13. Modify the widths of columns A and C to accommodate only the widest entry in
each, and then right-align the data in the Cost column.
14. Increase the height of the heading row and format it appropriately using shading and
boldface. Center the headings vertically and horizontally in their cells.
15. Select the entire table, select the 2 1 4 pt line weight, select the single line style, and
then use the Outside Border option in the Borders list box. Select the heading row
and add a double 1 2 -point border at the bottom of the heading row.
16. Center the table between the page’s left and right margins and then save your work.
17. Use the Table Move handle to select the entire table. Copy the table, open a new,
blank document, and paste a copy of the table into the new document. Use the Delete
command on the Table menu to delete the Onsite Training and Onsite Troubleshooting
rows. Adjust border formatting as needed. Save the document as Equipment List in the
Tutorial.03\Review folder. Close the document.
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