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Session 3.2
18. Close the Tables and Borders toolbar.
19. Save your work, review it in Reading Layout view, preview the report, and then print it.
20. Close the document.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Textiles.doc
Noblewood Textiles, Inc. As an assistant manager of Noblewood Textiles in San Diego,
California, you must help prepare an annual report for the board of directors. Complete
the following:
Apply the skills you
learned to create an
annual report for a tex-
tile store.
1. Open the file Textiles located in the Tutorial.03\Cases folder included with your Data
Files, and then save it as Noblewood Textiles Report in the same folder.
2. Check your screen to make sure your settings match those in the tutorials. Switch to
Print Layout view.
3. Divide the document into two sections. Begin section 2 with the introduction on a
new page.
4. Format the title (“Annual Report”) and the subtitle (“Noblewood Textiles”) using 16-point
Arial. Center the first section vertically. Select the title and subtitle, and center them hori-
zontally using the Center button on the Formatting toolbar. Note that you can combine hor-
izontal and vertical alignment styles. Use the Print Preview window to check your work.
5. Create a header for section 2 that aligns your name to the left margin and
“Noblewood Textiles Annual Report” to the right margin. Click the Link to Previous
button on the Header and Footer toolbar to deselect it. Select the header text and for-
mat it in 8-point Times New Roman.
6. While in Header and Footer view, click the Switch between Header and Footer but-
ton on the Header and Footer toolbar to switch to the footer area for section 2. Press
the Tab key to move the insertion point to the center tab stop, and then type the word
“Page” followed by a space and the page number (using the Insert Page Number but-
ton on the Header and Footer toolbar). Insert a space, type the word “of”, insert
another space, and then click the Insert Number of Pages button on the Header and
Footer toolbar to insert the total number of pages in the document. Click the Link to
Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar to deselect it, if necessary. Close
Header and Footer view when you are finished.
7. Select the list of members under the heading “Board of Directors,” click Format on
the menu bar, and then click Tabs. To insert a tab stop with a dot leader at the 4-inch
mark, type 4 in the Tab stop position text box, verify that the Left option button is
selected in the Alignment section, and then click the 2….. option button in the
Leader section. Click the Set button. Notice the Clear button, which you can use to
clear the tab stop you just set, and the Clear All button, which you can use to clear all
the custom tab stops (that is, tab stops other than the default ones) from a document.
Click the OK button to close the Tabs dialog box.
8. Insert a page break at the end of the document, and then insert a table consisting of
five rows and three columns.
9. Insert the headings “Name”, “Title”, and “Duties”. Fill in the rows with the relevant
information about the store personnel who are mentioned by name in the “Store
Management and Personnel” section.
10. Adjust the table column widths so the information is presented attractively.
11. Bold and italicize the headings. Increase the height of the heading row, and use the
Tables and Borders toolbar to center the column headings horizontally and vertically.
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