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Types of Computers
Figure 5
The system unit for the IBM S/390 G5 mainframe computer
The largest and fastest computers, called supercomputers , were first developed for
high-volume computing tasks such as weather prediction. Supercomputers, like the one
shown in Figure 6, are also being used by large corporations and government agencies
when the tremendous volume of data would seriously delay processing on a mainframe
computer. Although its cost can be tens of millions of dollars, a supercomputer’s process-
ing speed is so much faster than that of personal computers and mainframes that the
investment can be worthwhile.
Figure 6
A supercomputer
How would you classify the computer in the advertisement shown in Figure 1 at the
beginning of the tutorial? If your answer is a desktop personal computer, you are correct.
The computer in that ad fits on a desk and is not portable.
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