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Tutorial 4
Tutorial 4
Desktop Publishing and Mail Merge
Creating a Newsletter and Cover Letter
Wide World Travel, Inc.
Wide World Travel, Inc. hosts international tours for travelers of all ages. Recently, the company has expanded its
business by selling clothes and shoes specifically designed for the frequent traveler. Max Stephenson, one of the
Wide World tour guides, has taken on the job of managing this new retail venture. In order to generate business,
he wants to create an informational newsletter. He has asked you to help him create the newsletter, as well as the
form letter that will accompany each copy of the newsletter.
Max has already written the text of the newsletter, which describes some of the most popular items sold by Wide
World Travel. Now Max wants you to transform this text into a publication that is neat, organized, and
professional-looking. He would like the newsletter to contain headings (so the customers can scan it quickly for
interesting items) as well as a headline that will give the newsletter a memorable look. He wants you to include a
picture that will reinforce the newsletter content.
In this tutorial, you’ll plan the layout of the newsletter and then add some information about the Wide World Travel
Web site. Then you’ll get acquainted with some desktop-publishing features available in Word that you’ll use to cre-
ate the newsletter. You’ll format the title using an eye-catching design and divide the document into newspaper-style
columns to make it easier to read. To add interest and focus to the text, you’ll include a piece of art. You’ll then fine-
tune the newsletter layout, give it a more professional appearance with typographic characters, and put a border
around the page to give the newsletter a finished look.
After you create the newsletter, you will use Word’s mail merge feature to insert personalized information into the
cover letter that will accompany the newsletter.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Apply columns
• Convert a hyperlink to
regular text
• Create WordArt
• Display the Web page
associated with a
Session 4.1
• Identify desktop-
publishing features
• Create a title with
• Work with hyperlinks
• Create newspaper-style
• Hide white space
• Insert hyperlinks
• Modify hyperlinks
• Use advanced text
Session 4.2
• Insert and edit graphics
• Wrap text around a
• Incorporate drop caps
• Use symbols and special
typographic characters
• Add a page border
• Perform a mail merge
• Add a page border
• Apply the superscript
font effect
• Autoformat text as
you type
• Complete an entire
mail merge process for
form letters
• Crop and rotate graphics
• Flip a graphic
• Format a letter as a
drop cap
• Insert a column break
• Insert a symbol
• Insert a symbol
• Insert Clip Art
• Insert graphics in
• Insert symbols
• Modify a document
• Modify graphics
• Position a graphic
• Resize a graphic
• Revise column layout
• Use AutoCorrect
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page WD 2.
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