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Session 4.1
Including hyperlinks in a Word document is very useful when you plan to distribute the
document via e-mail so others can read it online. For instance, if you include your e-mail
address in a memo to a potential customer, the customer can click the e-mail address to
begin typing an e-mail message to you in reply. However, when you know that your docu-
ment will only be distributed on paper, it’s a good idea to remove any hyperlinks so that the
e-mail address or Web address is formatted without the underline, in the same color font as
the surrounding text. To remove a hyperlink, right-click the hyperlink, and then click Remove
Hyperlink in the shortcut menu. Once you remove the hyperlink, the Web address or e-mail
address remains in the document, but is no longer formatted in blue with an underline.
Max would like you to complete the newsletter text by adding a reference to the Wide
World Travel Web site. He does not want the company’s Web address formatted as a
hyperlink, so you will have to remove the hyperlink after typing the Web address. He has
saved the newsletter text in a document named Clothes. You’ll begin by opening the doc-
ument that contains the unformatted text, often called copy, that will serve as the content
for your desktop-published document.
To open the newsletter document and add the Web address:
1. Start Word, and make sure your screen matches the figures in this tutorial. In particular, be
sure to display nonprinting characters.
2. Open the file Clothes from the Tutorial.04\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files.
3. To avoid altering the original file, save the document as Travel Clothes in the same folder.
4. If necessary, change the Zoom setting on the Standard toolbar to 100% and switch to
Normal view.
5. Read the document to preview its content.
6. Click to the right of the phone number (at the end of the first main paragraph), press the
spacebar , and then type the following: or visit our Web site at
7. Type a period at the end of the Web address, and then press the Enter key. The Web
address is formatted as a hyperlink, in a blue font with an underline.
8. Move the mouse pointer over the hyperlink. A ScreenTip appears, with the complete URL
(including some extra characters that a browser needs to display the Web page). The ScreenTip
also displays instructions for displaying the Wide World Travel Web site. See Figure 4-2.
Figure 4-2
Hyperlink with ScreenTip
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