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Session 4.1
Max tells you that users will be viewing the document in printed form only. He asks
you to remove the hyperlink. This will ensure that the format of the Web address matches
the rest of the paragraph.
To remove the hyperlink:
1. Right-click the text . A shortcut menu opens.
2. Click Remove Hyperlink . The shortcut menu closes, and the text is now formatted in black
to match the rest of the paragraph.
You have finished adding the information about the company’s Web site to the newslet-
ter. Now that the newsletter contains all the necessary details, you can turn your attention
to your first desktop-publishing task, adding a headline.
Using WordArt to Create a Headline
Max wants the title of the newsletter, “Travel in Style,” to be eye-catching and dramatic.
WordArt is a Word feature that allows you to insert specially formatted text into a docu-
ment. WordArt provides great flexibility in designing text with special effects that express
the image or mood you want to convey in your printed documents. With WordArt, you
can apply color and shading, as well as alter the shape and size of the text.
You begin creating WordArt text by clicking a button on the Drawing toolbar. When
you first display the Drawing toolbar, Word switches to Print Layout view. As a rule, Print
Layout view is the most appropriate view to use when you are desktop publishing
because it shows you exactly how the text and graphics fit on the page. The vertical ruler
in Print Layout view helps you position graphical elements more precisely.
Creating Special Text Effects Using WordArt
Reference Window
Click the Drawing button on the Standard toolbar to display the Drawing toolbar.
Click the Insert WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar.
Click the style of text you want to insert, and then click the OK button.
Type the text you want in the Edit WordArt Text dialog box.
Click the Font and Size list arrows to select the font and font size you want.
If you want, click the Bold or Italic button, or both.
Click the OK button.
Click the WordArt to select it, and then drag any handle to resize and reshape it. To
avoid altering the WordArt’s proportions, press and hold down the Shift key while you
drag a handle.
You’re ready to use WordArt to create the newsletter title. First you will display the
Drawing toolbar. Then you will choose a WordArt style and type the headline text.
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