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Session 4.1
To create the title of the newsletter using WordArt:
1. Press Ctrl+Home to move the insertion point to the beginning of the document.
2. Click the Drawing button on the Standard toolbar. The Drawing toolbar appears at the
bottom of the screen. Word switches to Print Layout view.
Trouble? If the Drawing toolbar is not positioned at the bottom of the Document window,
drag it there by its title bar. If you do not see the Drawing toolbar anywhere, right-click the
Standard toolbar, and then click Drawing on the shortcut menu.
3. If necessary, click View on the menu bar, click Ruler to display the vertical and horizontal
rulers, type 90 in the Zoom text box, and then press the Enter key to change the Zoom set-
ting to 90%. This Zoom setting should allow you to see the entire width of the newsletter.
Throughout this tutorial, feel free to zoom in or zoom out if you prefer to see more or less
of the newsletter.
4. Click the Insert WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar. The WordArt Gallery dialog
box opens, displaying 30 different WordArt styles.
5. Click the WordArt style in the second row from the top, second column from the right, as
shown in Figure 4-3.
Figure 4-3
WordArt styles
cli c k this style
Drawing toolbar
6. Click the OK button. The Edit WordArt Text dialog box opens, displaying the default text
“Your Text Here,” which you will replace with the newsletter title. Note that you can also
select text in the document that you want to format as WordArt before you click the Insert
WordArt button. In that case, the text you selected is displayed in the Edit WordArt Text
dialog box instead of the default text “Your Text Here.”
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