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Session 4.1
7. Type Travel in Style to replace the default text with the newsletter title. Notice the toolbar
at the top of the Edit WordArt Text dialog box, which you can use to apply bold and italic,
or to change the font or font style. You don’t need to use these options now, but you might
choose to when creating headlines for other documents.
8. Click the OK button. The Edit WordArt Text dialog box closes, and the WordArt image is
inserted at the beginning of the newsletter. The “Wide World Travel Clothes” heading
moves to the right to accommodate the new headline. See Figure 4-4.
WordArt headline inserted into document
Figure 4-4
first line moves over to
make room for WordArt
Trouble? If you see a border around the headline, the WordArt is currently selected. Click
anywhere outside of the border to deselect the WordArt.
Eventually, you will position the headline so that it appears at the very top of the docu-
ment, stretching from margin to margin. But for now, you can leave it in its current position.
Selecting a WordArt Object
The WordArt image you have created is not regular text. You cannot edit it as you would
other text, that is, by moving the insertion point to it and typing new letters or by selecting
part of it and using the buttons on the Formatting toolbar. Unlike regular text, a WordArt
headline is considered an object —that is, something that you can manipulate indepen-
dently of the text. You can think of the WordArt object as a thing that lies on top of, or
next to, the text in a document. To edit a WordArt object in Word, you must first click it to
select it. Then you can make changes using special toolbar buttons and dialog boxes, or
by dragging it with the mouse.
Max would like you to make several changes to the newsletter headline. Before you
can do this, you need to select it.
To select the WordArt headline:
1. Click the WordArt headline. The headline is surrounded by a black border with eight small
black squares (called sizing handles ). The WordArt toolbar also appears. The black sizing
handles indicate that the WordArt is an inline graphic , that is, a graphic that is part of the
line of text in which it was inserted. See Figure 4-5.
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