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Session 4.1
dialog box, click the Format WordArt button on the WordArt toolbar.) Because you want
to use a relatively simple option—wrapping text so that it flows below the WordArt
headline—you’ll use the Text Wrapping button on the WordArt toolbar. You’ll have a
chance to use the Format WordArt dialog box in the Case Problems at the end of this tutorial.
To wrap the newsletter text below the WordArt headline:
1. With the WordArt object selected, click the Text Wrapping button
on the WordArt
toolbar. A menu of text wrapping options opens.
2. Click Top and Bottom . The text drops below the newsletter title. The WordArt is still
selected, but instead of black sizing handles, you see small white circles. Like the black
squares, the white circles are sizing handles. The white sizing handles indicate that the
graphic object is a floating graphic , which means the graphic can be moved indepen-
dently of the surrounding text. A number of other items appear around the WordArt
object, as shown in Figure 4-7. You can use the sizing handles shown in Figure 4-7 to
change the size and position of the WordArt object. You’ll learn the meaning of the anchor
symbol shortly. Don’t be concerned if your WordArt object is not in the same position as
the one in Figure 4-7.
Figure 4-7
WordArt after wrapping text
rotation handle
adjustment handle
round sizing handles
Trouble? If you can’t see the anchor symbol, your Zoom setting is probably too high.
Change it to 90%.
Positioning and Sizing the WordArt Object
After you choose a text wrapping style for a WordArt object, you can adjust its size and
position in the document. To position a WordArt object, click it and drag it with the
mouse pointer. To widen any WordArt object, drag one of its sizing handles. To keep the
object the same proportion as the original, hold down the Shift key as you drag the sizing
handle. This prevents “stretching” the object more in one direction than the other.
Max asks you to widen the headline so it fits neatly within the newsletter margins. As
you enlarge the headline, you can practice dragging the WordArt object to a new position.
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