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Session 4.1
Anchoring the WordArt Object
After you wrap text around a WordArt object, you need to make sure the WordArt object
is properly positioned within the document as a whole—a process known as anchoring.
The process draws its name from the anchor symbol in the left margin, which indicates
the position of the WordArt relative to the text. The anchor symbol is only visible after you
wrap text around the document and when nonprinting characters are displayed. To ensure
that changes to the text (such as section breaks) do not affect the WordArt, you need to
anchor the WordArt to a blank paragraph before the text. At this point, the WordArt
anchor symbol is probably located to the left of the first paragraph (the heading “Wide
World Travel Clothes”). However, yours may be in a different position (for instance, it
might be positioned above and to the left of the WordArt). In the next set of steps, you will
move the anchor to a new, blank paragraph at the beginning of the document.
To anchor the WordArt object to a blank paragraph:
1. Press Ctrl+Home . The insertion point moves to the beginning of the newsletter text (that
is, to the left of the first “W” in the heading “Wide World Travel Clothes”). The WordArt
object is no longer selected; you cannot see the anchor at this point.
2. Press the Enter key. A new paragraph symbol is inserted either above or below the Word-
Art object.
3. If the new paragraph symbol is inserted above the WordArt heading, drag the WordArt
heading up slightly until the paragraph mark moves below the WordArt heading.
4. Click the WordArt object. The selection handles and the anchor symbol appear. The anchor
symbol is probably positioned to the left of the “Wide World Travel Clothes” heading,
though it might be located to the left of the new blank paragraph instead.
5. Click the anchor and drag it up to position it to the left of the new, blank paragraph as
shown in Figure 4-9, if it is not already positioned there.
Figure 4-9
Properly anchored WordArt
anchor symbol
next to the new
paragraph symbol
text begins
in a separate
Trouble? If your WordArt headline is positioned below the new paragraph symbol, drag it
up slightly to position it above the new paragraph symbol. If you notice any other differ-
ences between your headline and the one shown in Figure 4-9, edit the headline to make it
match the figure. For example, you may need to drag the WordArt left or right slightly, or
you may need to adjust its size by dragging one of its sizing handles.
6. Click anywhere in the newsletter to deselect the WordArt, and then save your work.
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