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Session 4.1
Your WordArt is now finished. Max congratulates you on your excellent work. The
headline will definitely draw attention to the newsletter, encouraging potential customers
to read the entire document.
Formatting Text in Newspaper-Style Columns
Because newsletters are meant for quick reading, they are usually laid out in
newspaper-style columns. In newspaper-style columns , a page is divided into two or more
vertical blocks, or columns. Text flows down one column, continues at the top of the next
column, flows down that column, and so forth. The narrow columns and small type size
allow the eye to take in a lot of text, thus allowing a reader to scan a newspaper quickly
for interesting information.
When formatting a document in columns, you can click where you want the columns to
begin and then click the Columns button on the Formatting toolbar. However, the Columns
command on the Formatting menu offers more options. Using the Columns command, you
can insert a vertical line between columns. The Columns command also gives you more
control over exactly what part of the document will be formatted in columns.
Max wants you to divide the text below the title into two columns and add a vertical
line between them.
To apply newspaper-style columns to the body of the newsletter:
1. Position the insertion point at the beginning of the second paragraph (to the left of the first
“W” in “Wide World Travel Clothes”).
2. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click Columns . The Columns dialog box opens.
3. In the Presets section, click the Two icon.
4. Click the Line between check box to select it. The text in the Preview box changes to a
two-column format with a vertical rule between the columns.
You want these changes to affect only the paragraphs after the WordArt headline, so you’ll
need to insert a section break and apply the column formatting to the text after the inser-
tion point.
5. Click the Apply to list arrow, and then click This point forward to have Word automati-
cally insert a section break at the insertion point. See Figure 4-10.
Completed Columns dialog box
Figure 4-10
places a line
between columns
creates two columns
of the same width
shows how
columns will
look with
current settings
adds section break
at insertion point
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