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Session 4.2
3. Click Organize clips near the bottom of the Clip Art task pane. The Favorites - Microsoft
Clip Organizer window opens. This window is similar to Windows Explorer. For example,
you click the plus sign next to a folder to display its subfolders. You select a subfolder to
display its contents in the right pane. The default Microsoft Office clip art is stored in sub-
folders within the Office Collections folder. See Figure 4-13. You might see different folders
from those shown in Figure 4-13, but you should see the Office Collections folder.
Trouble? If you see the Add Clips to Organizer dialog box, click Now. This will organize
the clip art installed on your computer into folders, so that you can then use the Clip
Organizer dialog box to select a piece of clip art. The Add Clips to Organizer dialog box
appears the first time you attempt to use clip art on your computer. After the clip organiz-
ing process concludes, continue with Step 4.
Microsoft Clip Organizer
Figure 4-13
list of
after you select
a subfolder, its
contents are
displayed here
Office clip
art stored here
click a
plus sign to
4. Scroll as needed to view the Office Collections folder, and then click the plus sign next to
the Office Collections folder. A list of subfolders within the Office Collections folder
appears. This list of folders, which is created when you install Word, organizes clip art
images into related categories. The folders with plus signs next to them contain subfolders
or clip art images.
5. Scroll down and examine the list of folders. Click any plus signs to open subfolders, and
then click folders to display clip art images in the right pane.
6. Click the plus sign next to the Transportation folder to display its subfolders, and then
click the Transportation folder to select it. Three images stored in the Transportation
folder are displayed in the right pane.
Trouble? If you don’t see any images in the Transportation folder, click the Travel folder
to select it and display an image of an airplane in a blue circle.
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